Planning for the Isla Mujeres Trip

Planning for the Isla Mujeres Trip

The Plan:

My husband and I wanted to go on a short trip before the year ended, and having returned from the cold mountain area of Washington not too long ago, we longed for a tropical destination. Initially, we planned to go to Cancun, but scrapped that idea and settled on Isla Mujeres after doing a lot of research. Isla Mujeres seemed to tick off all the things on our wish list: not too far, no visa requirement for a short trip, beautiful beaches, calm waters where we can swim in, nice resort, and a laid back, safe area to relax in. We scheduled for a 4 night 5 day trip in early December to avoid the holiday crowd. Read on to find out how I planned for the trip and click here to read about our actual experience.


We found great deals on Southwest (16, 776 points) for direct roundtrip flights from LAX to CUN.


After doing a lot of research, I booked with Happy Shuttle Cancun for transportation from Cancun International Airport to Puerto Juarez to catch the Ultramar Ferry to Isla Mujeres. The company seemed to receive good reviews and the price was right, as the total came out to USD 54 with a 10% discount promotion they were having online. The average going rate for a private transport was around USD 60-65 across the board. There are many choices, so do your research.


This also required a lot of research, and I finally ended up booking Privilege Aluxes through Expedia. I did not choose the all-inclusive option, as I had read that there are many great restaurants on the island and also, it’s just not our style. I received a 10% discount on Expedia and an additional USD 40 discount by paying with Discover. The final price came out to a little less than USD 200 per day for a deluxe suite.

Things to do:

I researched enough to get a feel of what we might want to do, but did not plan a whole itinerary, since the island is small and the weather seemed uncertain. It helped that our hotel was on Playa Norte, which is one of the most popular attractions on the island. I also had a rough idea of what I wanted to do, which was exploring the island in a golf cart, swimming, and a possible trip to Chichen Itza (one of the 7 modern wonders of the world).


After doing a quick research, it seemed like there are a lot of options on the island, especially near the hotel. Since our itinerary was uncertain and we were not going during peak season, we decided to go with the flow once we were on the island.


When we had booked our trip, all the research indicated that December was part of dry season and the forecast was not available that far in advance. The average temp was in the 80s and humidity was relatively low. But once we got closer to our departure date, the weather forecast indicated rain, wind, and even thunderstorms. The anal and anxious side of me took over and I subjected myself to checking the weather daily, even multiple times a day, the week we were supposed to leave. The forecast changed frequently, and after overloading myself with weather research, I decided to just let it go and enjoy the trip regardless of rain or shine.

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