Canal St. Martin–Things to do in Paris

Canal St. Martin–Things to do in Paris

Canal St. Martin:

Quai de Valmy, 75010 Paris, 10th arrondissement

This 4.5 km canal was completed in 1825 and connects Canal de l’Ourcq to the Seine. There are many trees, restaurants, and shops that line the canal, and from what I read online, many locals enjoy picnicking or just enjoying a bottle of wine by the canal when the weather is nice.

We took a short walk from our hotel to the canal, and the walk itself was actually very enjoyable. It was a Wednesday late morning, and we got to see the locals go about their day, school children running about, and a movie or drama being shot in a café. When we got to the canal itself, we also got to witness the bridge being elevated for a boat to go through and a friendly French lady who was waiting to cross the road engaged in a short conversation with us and pointed us to check out the Hôtel du Nord, famous for its eponymous 1938 film (Hôtel du Nord is now a bistro and a restaurant).

The canal was not very crowded and we only found a few teenagers hanging around, some trash along the canal, and a lot of pigeons (yuck!). We spent some time on top of one of the bridges watching the locks taking turns filling up with and emptying water for a boat to go through.

Click through the gallery below to see pictures from Canal St. Martin!

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