Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport Transfer from Paris

Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport Transfer from Paris

Getting to CDG from Paris:

There are several options for transporting to CDG airport from Paris, including Uber, cabs, airport shuttles, RER B train, and an airport bus. Which option you choose will depend on your budget, amount of luggage, number of people traveling with you, and how much time you have. I will provide a summary of different airport transfer options below, but only for those that I have either experience with or done research on.


Let’s get the simplest option out of the way: Uber. In order to save money, initially, I had planned for us to take the RER train, but we decided to just call Uber as we wanted to save time, energy, and sanity. Since our budget flight with XL Airways required an in-person check-in at least 3 hours before our flight and we needed to get a stamp on one of the VAT refund forms, we didn’t want to risk any delays in our traveling time. We left on Sunday morning and there was no traffic on the way; the ride was comfortable and we were dropped in front of our terminal in about 25 minutes. The trip cost us $50.78.


From what I’ve read online, taxi fares are €50 from the right bank and €55 from the left bank (of the Seine River) for the city of Paris, plus extra euros depending on the day and the time for 4 passengers. There is an additional fee of €7 for reserving a cab the night before your ride and €4 the day of. There are extra fees for extra luggage pieces as well and tipping a couple of euros is also customary. It’s always advised to communicate and agree on the flat rate with the taxi driver prior to the ride, take pictures of the driver’s ID, and write down the license plate number, in case you need to report the driver.

Airport Shuttles:

Airport shuttles are privately owned and provided door-to-door services for either shared or private transportation in minivans or minibuses. Depending on the airport shuttle company and the number of people in your party, the rates for a shared shuttle range from €30 to €16 per person.  Private transfers range from €59 to €75 for 1-4 passengers and €75 to €95 for 5-8 passengers per vehicle. Take pick-up time of other passengers into consideration and plan ahead if you choose to use the shared transfer. Also, some companies offer discounts for roundtrip transfers. A simple Google search should give you options to choose from. Since I have not used any, I cannot provide any recommendations. Here is some information provided by the CDG regarding airport shuttles and taxis.

RER trains:

The same regional train network that we utilized for Versailles, the RER Line B takes passengers from the city to CDG for €10 per person (free for children under 4 and discounted rate for children ages 4-9). To take the RER train, you would need to get to a major train station that has a RER paltform, such as Gare du Nord, Luxeumbourg, Saint-Michel, Châtelet-Les Halles, etc. For us, that meant taking either Uber or the metro from République to Gare du Nord, and waiting for the RER B for CDG Terminal 2, all while lugging around our bags up and down the stairs.

The trip is supposed to take about 30 minutes, but add 5-10 minutes or more depending on which train you get on. There are express trains that take you directly to the airport, however, there are also trains that stop at multiple suburban stations on the way, adding to your travel time. You can find out which one will be an “express” one by looking at the screen on the platform for the number of stops indicated between your RER station and CDG. Also, take into consideration any type of emergencies or unforeseen delays that could come up, i.e. train or track malfunctioning or maintenance, and allow plenty of time to get to the airport. Finally, as always, be on the lookout for pickpockets and even those who may make off with your luggage. Click here for more information on RER trains.

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