Lodging in Paris–Hotel Renaissance Paris République

Lodging in Paris–Hotel Renaissance Paris République

Renaissance Paris République:

40 Rue René Boulanger, 75010 Paris, France; +33 1 71 18 20 95; http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/parpr-renaissance-paris-republique-hotel/

Located in République (10th arrondissement), Renaissance Paris République is a 5-star modern hotel with excellent amenities and service. The neighborhood of the hotel is not the fanciest, but I was never concerned about safety even while walking back to the hotel at night. It’s steps away from the République Metro, and walking distance to the République, Canal St. Martin, and Le Marais.


We were welcomed warmly by all the staff at the hotel, given fruit and herb infused water in crystal glasses and candy, and provided with individually wrapped hand towels to freshen up. We had originally booked for the Bobo Room (larger room with garden or city view), but as my husband has status, we were upgraded to the Artist Studio Suite (a junior suite with a king size bed and rooftop view), which we were grateful for since staying at a hotel and living out of a suitcase for 2 weeks can take a toll on you. Every staff we encountered upon check in was very friendly and courteous. The lobby was on the cozier side, but it never felt crowded nor did we ever have to wait to speak to the front desk or the concierge.

There are two small elevators in the main area and a room key is required for the elevator to operate. We appreciated this added security so that only the guests and staff have access to the floors.


I would have to say that most of the staff at the hotel were very friendly, helpful, and professional. We never encountered average to poor service and overall, I rate their service as superb. Some of the standouts that I can remember are the excellent concierge who patiently answered my questions and gave great directions and recommendations, as well as the staff at the bar who refilled our water bottles every morning with a smile and even chipped and shaped ice so that we could have ice cold water.


The moment I walked into the room, I was thoroughly impressed with the modern yet elegant presentation of the room. The room was spacious (according to the Marriott website, the Artist Studio Suite is 301 square feet), clean, light, airy, bright, and beautiful. And the A/C was on blast, which was such a welcome feature and respite from the unusual suffocating heat outside.

The room consisted of a sitting area with a couch and a table, Nespresso machine, electric kettle, tea, coffee, and a unique mini/snack bar, closet, bathrobes, slippers, a huge hidden LCD TV with a personalized welcome message, a king size bed, a Bluetooth speaker, a large bathroom with dual sinks, toilet, and a bathtub/waterfall shower, and a terrace with an amazing view of the rooftops.

The hotel provided turn-down service every night and they even left a hand-written note and various treats every evening, ranging from fancy madeleines, chocolate, caramel, gourmet candy, to skin care products. We looked forward to returning to our room to see what pleasant surprise was awaiting us every day.

We enjoyed everything about our room, except for the design of the bathroom sinks and the shower. The sinks were way too small compared to the size of the faucets and the material of the sink made water splash very high, so although the sinks were aesthetically cool, water splashed everywhere every time we turned on the faucet, even though we took care not to turn on the water too high or splash too much. The shower was nice and spacious, but as it is common in Europe, the shower glass/door covered only half of the tub, again making it difficult not to splash water everywhere. But these were the only negatives that I could find about the hotel and would love to stay here again.



Breakfast was included with our stay per my husband’s status, and we were given paper vouchers for every morning of our stay with dates written on them. We had to present the voucher and give our name and room number before getting seated. Breakfast was fully serviced by the wait staff and consisted of water, coffee (cappuccino, latte, espresso, French-pressed coffee), freshly squeezed juices (orange, grapefruit, green apple, and cranberry), smoothies, fruit cocktail, a bread basket with baguette, pain au chocolate, and croissants, two eggs (sunny side up, scrambled, boiled, or omelet), and a choice of two sides (ham, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, comte cheese, etc.). As you could see, we ate very well and there were days when we couldn’t even finish our food. The bread basket was excellent.


The hotel offers a small gym, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, and a spa, of which we did not have the chance to utilize at all. We did tour around the floor with these amenities out of curiosity, but unfortunately, didn’t have the time or the energy to take advantage of them. I believe the spa, sauna, steam room, and Jacuzzi closed around 8 PM.

As mentioned in the transportation segment, one of the perks that the hotel provided was a free bike rental. We didn’t have the chance to use the bikes, but I would want to check it out the next time we stay at this hotel. Locks/chains provided.

One negative note: On one of the nights, we were woken up by a loud alarm and automated recording that prompted everyone to evacuate the building. This happened around three in the morning and we dragged our exhausted and half-asleep bodies out of bed and met the rest of the (unhappy and annoyed) hotel guests in the lobby. After waiting around for about 10 minutes outside, we overheard the staff talking among themselves that there were no issues and that the alarm sounded due to some technical glitch in their security system. We headed straight for our room after double-checking with the staff. It would have been a good idea for the hotel staff to make the announcement to the guests instead of the guests having to practice supernatural hearing and lip-reading powers at 3 AM.

Click below for beautiful pictures of the sunset from our room!

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