Using Uber to Get Around Paris–Transportation in Paris

Using Uber to Get Around Paris–Transportation in Paris

Using Uber to Get Around Paris:

Although we walked and took the metro most of the time, we utilized Uber whenever we had to travel with our luggage and once due to my husband’s allergies acting up. While the fares were not as cheap as in Cape Town, they were not exorbitantly high either. For example, the ride from Gare du Nord to our Airbnb in Les Marais cost $12.04 and the 35 minute ride from Renaissance Paris République to CDG cost $50.78 (about 27 km). We certainly could have taken the metro with our luggage or the RER B train to the airport (€10 per adult from Gare du Nord to CDG as of June 2017), but the convenience, comfort, and time saved were more important to us, especially for the airport transport. Uber worked the same way in Paris as it did everywhere else, and pick up was quick, service varied but none was poor, and cars were abundant. We did not experience any price surges with our rides. Keep in mind that you will need international data on your mobile plan to be able to use Uber.

Note: As I have been asked quite a few times already, here is a piece of information that not everyone may already be aware of: the Uber app that you have downloaded at home in the U.S. works the same way in Paris. There is no need to download a French version or a South African version, and no special steps to take. The same app that you use at home will work in other countries as long as 1) Uber operates in that country, 2) you have international data, and 3) you have a valid form of payment added to your Uber account.

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