Lodging in Osaka: Review of Hotel Hankyu International

Lodging in Osaka: Review of Hotel Hankyu International

Lodging in Osaka: Review of Hotel Hankyu International

19-19 Chayamachi, Kita, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 530-0013, Japan
Phone: +81 6-6377-2100

As this trip was a family reunion trip for the in-laws, I had to stay at the same hotel as the rest of the group. The family from Korea had already booked the Hankyu International Hotel (4.5 star hotel according to TripAdvisor), so my husband and I followed suit. Even though we could have looked for lodging that might have been more affordable or closer to tourist attractions, I ended up being very happy with this hotel. The location was great as it was in walking distance to Osaka and Umeda Stations, with many shops, restaurants, and convenience stores nearby. It was also in walking distance to Hep Five and Umeda Sky Building. I also appreciated that we were not in the heavily crowded area near Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi, as the crowd and the chaos of that area were unbearable for me.

The hotel itself was large, very clean, with great service. Our room was spacious with a king size bed, lounging area, a desk, large flat screen TV, and black out curtains. There was an impressive mini bar with 2 complimentary bottles of water daily. The bathroom was also very spacious with an impressive array of toiletries and more, except for body lotion. The only negative thing that I remember is that there was a little bit of mold in the shower. I’m particularly picky about bathroom cleanliness, and Hankyu International’s amount of mold was on the minimal side compared to some other lodgings I’ve stayed in, but given that this hotel is a 4.5 star hotel, I would have hoped for the staff to pay attention to every detail. Besides this issue, the room was very clean overall, and the housekeeping did a great job every day.

Security was good and the elevator and rooms were only accessible by guests with the room key. We were on the 30th floor with a very nice view of the city and despite being on a high floor, we never had to wait too long as the elevators were very fast. I did not dine here, but there are multiple restaurants that serve various types of cuisine. The hotel is right next to the Applause Tower, where an amazing donkatsu restaurant (insert link to my food review) is located in the basement. The total cost for a 5-night 6-day stay for two adults with one king size bed was around $1072.

One thing to take into consideration is that although there is a stop for the airport shuttle right in front of the hotel, the bus does not make as many frequent stops at the Hankyu International Hotel as it does at New Hankyu Hotel which is about 10 minutes away by walking. The same goes for when you are catching the airport shuttle from Kansai International Airport to the hotel. Due to our flight schedule, we walked to New Hankyu Hotel and took the bus there, which was not difficult at all for us. Also, the hotel lobby is also on the second floor, which is the lowest level that the elevator stops at, so to get to the main street, we had to walk out of the lobby and take the escalators, and walk through the Applause Tower to exit. Again, this was not a huge issue for us, but if you have mobility issues, it’s something to think about when choosing your hotel in Osaka. But all in all, I recommend this hotel.

Click through the pictures below to see what Hankyu International Hotel in Osaka looks like!

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