Umeda Sky Building—Floating Garden Observatory: Things to Do in Osaka

Umeda Sky Building—Floating Garden Observatory: Things to Do in Osaka

Floating Garden Observatory (Kuchu Teien) at Umeda Sky Building

Contact Information:

〒531-0076 1-1-88 Oyodo-naka,Kita-ku,OsakaCity
Phone: 06-6440-3899


Hours*: 9:30 AM–10:30 PM daily (last admission at 10:00 PM) *Please check the website for holiday hours.

Admission Rates**:

Adults ¥1000
Middle–High School Students ¥700
Elementary School Students ¥500
Children (4 Years and older) ¥200
Seniors ¥800
People with Disability ¥500

**Please check the website for group rates for each category.

Umeda Sky Building is supposed to offer an unobstructed, spectacular view of Osaka at its Floating Garden Observatory. I say “supposed to” because my attempt to visit the observatory ended up just being that—an attempt. 🙁

Our hotel (Hotel Hankyu International) was in walking distance from the Umeda Sky Building, and our whole group of 20 power walked over after a terrible dinner experience (Kita no Hana at the Applause Tower, read about it here). Even after asking the restaurant staff multiple times to speed up our meal as we had plans after dinner, the staff did not relent, and as a result, we were at the restaurant for more than 3 hours. Although we rushed over after dinner, we had just missed the cut off for last admission and couldn’t get in. Some members of the group were able to fit this place in on another day, however, I was unable to check this place out due to time constraints. Click below for pictures of the structure and the surroundings, as well as a couple of pictures from one of the family members who got to visit the Floating Garden Observatory.

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